Math Rocks Mission #3: Goal Setting

To help you explore the Math Twitter Blogosphere, you’re going to be doing a bunch of different missions. Each of them is going to end with you doing a little reflection related to what you did. Thus, it’s important (at least during Math Rocks) to have a blog to write on. Although we are going to be asking you to keep a blog throughout Math Rocks, we are not going to be making you continue it. One thing we want to convey during this experience is that there is no right way to participate in this weird disjointed passionate community. Do what moves you. Do what makes sense for you.

Part of this experience is going outside of your comfort zone and exploring various things to see if any of them will prove useful for you. So try out keeping and writing in your blog while you’re in this cohort and see how it goes. If it turns out you find it useful and want to continue posting regularly, great. If not, that’s just as great. You have to do what’s useful for you! That being said…

1. You are going to write a blog post on the following prompt.

  • What are your goals for yourself for your math teaching this school year? What are your goals for your students’ math learning this school year? What obstacles do you think you will face this school year that may affect your ability to achieve these goals? What ideas do you have right now for how you might overcome these obstacles?

2. Just like you did after writing your first blog post, drop a comment on this post announcing it and offering it up for others to comment on.

3. Also just like last time, comment on the blog posts of the three people who commented directly above you. You’re of course welcome to comment on any other blog posts, too. This way everyone gets at least three comments on their blog – at their site, not a response to their comment here – and everyone likes comments.

4. This is a great time to explore the features of WordPress (or whatever service you are using to host your blog). You all made your blogs pretty quickly this week so now is a good time to explore the management tools you can use to customize your blogging experience. If you use your Google-fu, I bet you can even uncover some videos that will explain and walk you through some of the options available to you.


Adapted from Exploring the MTBoS Mission #1 by Sam Shah