Math Rocks Mission #9: Try and Reflect

As you may or may not recall from our session last week, I had mentioned there are two homework assignments before our next session. The first is Mission #8. And here is the second:

  • Choose a number sense routine like Quick Images or Choral Counting, or choose some other short activity like Estimation180 or Which One Doesn’t Belong? The key is the activity should only take about 10-15 minutes of your time in class. I also want it to be an activity you want to do with your students. I don’t want you to feel like this is some artificial task you’re doing to check off a box, “Yep, I did my Math Rocks homework.”
  • Try out the activity in class. Pay special attention to what the kids are doing and saying.
  • Take photos of any work that is shared. For example, if you do a number talk, take a photo of the board when you’re done. Avoid having students’ faces showing in any pictures or any identifying information.
  • Write a blog post reflecting on the experience. Some questions to consider: (Some! Not all! You don’t have to write a book.)
    • What activity did you pick and why?
    • What kind of planning did you do beforehand?
    • Was this the first time doing the activity with your class? How did you introduce it?
    • If you’ve done the activity before, what are you noticing about your students as they continue to encounter it?
    • How did the activity go? What kinds of things did the students say and do during the activity?
    • What are you curious about?
    • What surprised you?
    • What frustrated you?
    • What are you proud of?
    • What would you do differently next time?
    • Do you want to use this activity again with your students? Why or why not?
  • Include at least one photo in your post so readers can get a glimpse into the classroom experience you’re describing.
  • Tweet out a link to your reflection. Include the #ElemMathChat and #MTBoS hashtags.

Happy teaching!

Welcome to Math Rocks 2015-16!

We are so excited to learn and grow with you this year in Round Rock ISD’s inaugural Math Rocks cohort! We have two goals we will be exploring and striving toward this year:

  • Relationships – We want you to explore and foster your relationships with math, your students, and fellow educators.
  • Curiosity – We want you to have the opportunity to be genuinely curious in your teaching of math and to foster your students’ curiosity toward math.

One of the ways we’ll be working toward both of these goals is by “plugging in” to the Math Twitter Blogosphere, a network of math educators from around the world. The Math Twitter Blogosphere (MTBoS, for short) is an informal network of math teachers who have found community together on the internet through Twitter and blogs. Over time, this diverse group has grown in number and in scope of activities. They’ve built resources, curricula, websites, and even co-authored a book. They run online workshop sessions, problem-solving groups, and weekly meetings via Twitter and webinar. Their online connections have even spilled over into “real life” with a yearly conference called Twitter Math Camp.

This year you’ll have the chance to explore this online community to see how you can use it as a resource to build relationships and spark curiosity. No matter how unfamiliar you may be with social media, we’re here to guide you. There’s something for everyone in the MTBoS, and we look forward to exploring it with you!


To give credit where credit is due, we’re basing this work on the MTBoS’s own website dedicated to guiding educators on a tour of the community.