Math Rocks Mission #6: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

This week your mission is to attend a Twitter Chat!  Twitter Chats are one hour weekly chats held on Twitter. There are many different types of Twitter Chats, from general education chats to book chats. This week you are going to have the chance to interact with teachers across the country (and possibly the world!) that teach the same things you teach!

Browse the list below to see what chats are happening throughout the week! Don’t be intimidated if you are a newcomer, you don’t even have to type anything to participate – you can just read and follow along! But I promise that you will be compelled to jump in!  Read below for more helpful hints!

Twitter Chat List

  • Tuesday Chats
    • #edchat – Education chat – 6pm
    • #5thchat – 5th grade teachers chat – 7pm
  • Wednesday Chats
    • #2ndchat – 2nd grade teachers chat – 7pm
    • #k12mathcoach – K-12 math coaches – 8pm (bi-weekly)
    • #txed – Texas education chat – 8:30pm
    • #educoach – Educational coaching – 9pm
  • Thursday Chats
    • #3rdchat – 3rd grade teachers chat – 7pm
    • #ElemMathChat – Elementary math chat – 8pm
    • #Spedmath – Special Education math chat – 8pm (bi-weekly)
  • Friday Chats
    • #gtchat – Gifted and talented chat – 6pm
  • Sunday Chats
    • #1stchat – 1st grade teachers chat – 7pm
    • #txeduchat – Texas education chat – 8pm
  • Monday Chats
    • #4thchat – 4th grade teachers chat – 7pm
    • #kinderchat – Kindergarten and early childhood chat – 8pm
    • #msmathchat – Middle school math chat – 8pm (In case you want to see what middle school teachers chat about.)

** If none of these chats appeal to you, have no fear! There are 200+ different education chats listed here!!  Thanks to @thomascmurray, @cevans5095  and @cybraryman1 for compiling this great list!

How to Follow a Twitter Chat

To easily follow a Twitter Chat, type the hashtag and chat name into the search box. For instance, #ElemMathChat. Then, will bring up all of the tweets that include that hashtag!  It will look like this: (In order to see the chat in action, click “Live” otherwise you’ll only see the top tweets that Twitter chooses to show you.)


Helpful Hints:

  • It’s a good idea to follow the chat facilitators so you don’t miss important tweets and reminders when the chat begins.
  • If you have never participated in a Twitter chat before you are in for a treat! To participate, you just need to include the hashtag (example: #ElemMathChat) in your 140 characters.
  • The moderator will ask a question and then everyone can answer it and discuss. (The format for chats is usually a question, Q1 from moderator, then you will answer with an A1 at the start of your answer.)
  • Don’t feel intimidated, because you don’t actually have to “chat” if you do not want to. You can simply log into twitter and watch the conversations. To do this, follow the hashtag. To follow a hashtag, simply perform a search on Twitter.
  • If your Twitter account is private, you may want to unlock your tweets during the chat. This will allow people who do not follow you to read your chats for the hour.

More Helpful Twitter Hints:  TweetDeck!

Several of you have commented that Twitter can confusing and even overwhelming at first. Some of you said you aren’t really following the feed, you are just checking in on #MTBoS. But guess what? You can do it all at once! My all time BIG TIP for making Twitter truly awesome is TweetDeck by Twitter!

I love, love, love TweetDeck because I can see my entire Timeline (all of the tweets from all of people I follow – this is what you see on the page online),Interactions (people who are talking to me or including me in a conversation publicly), Messages (people who are talking privately just to me), and then any cool things I want to keep up with (like #ElemMathChat or #MTBoS). TweetDeck puts all of the most important stuff I want to read in COLUMNS (can you say Math Love)? It is ALL viewable in one place at the same time and looks like this…  If you perform a search, you can then create a whole new column from your hashtag search.  Notice the nifty little blue Add Column button at the bottom?  Yep, it’s true love.

Your mission for this week:

  1. Attend any twitter chat that you would like! The easiest way to “attend” a chat is to search for and then follow the hashtag. (Example: #ElemMathChat).
  2. Write a blog post reflecting on your Twitter Chat experience.
  3. Tweet out your blog post. Include the hashtag for the chat you attended as well as the #MTBoS hashtag.
  4. Include your blogpost in the comments here and then read and comment on the blog posts of the three commenters directly above you. Be sure that you are commenting on their blog and not here. 🙂


From Exploring the MTBoS Mission #5 and Julie Reulbach (with minor adaptations)

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