Math Rocks Mission #3: Goal Setting

To help you explore the Math Twitter Blogosphere, you’re going to be doing a bunch of different missions. Each of them is going to end with you doing a little reflection related to what you did. Thus, it’s important (at least during Math Rocks) to have a blog to write on. Although we are going to be asking you to keep a blog throughout Math Rocks, we are not going to be making you continue it. One thing we want to convey during this experience is that there is no right way to participate in this weird disjointed passionate community. Do what moves you. Do what makes sense for you.

Part of this experience is going outside of your comfort zone and exploring various things to see if any of them will prove useful for you. So try out keeping and writing in your blog while you’re in this cohort and see how it goes. If it turns out you find it useful and want to continue posting regularly, great. If not, that’s just as great. You have to do what’s useful for you! That being said…

1. You are going to write a blog post on the following prompt.

  • What are your goals for yourself for your math teaching this school year? What are your goals for your students’ math learning this school year? What obstacles do you think you will face this school year that may affect your ability to achieve these goals? What ideas do you have right now for how you might overcome these obstacles?

2. Just like you did after writing your first blog post, drop a comment on this post announcing it and offering it up for others to comment on.

3. Also just like last time, comment on the blog posts of the three people who commented directly above you. You’re of course welcome to comment on any other blog posts, too. This way everyone gets at least three comments on their blog – at their site, not a response to their comment here – and everyone likes comments.

4. This is a great time to explore the features of WordPress (or whatever service you are using to host your blog). You all made your blogs pretty quickly this week so now is a good time to explore the management tools you can use to customize your blogging experience. If you use your Google-fu, I bet you can even uncover some videos that will explain and walk you through some of the options available to you.


Adapted from Exploring the MTBoS Mission #1 by Sam Shah

43 thoughts on “Math Rocks Mission #3: Goal Setting

    • Oh no! How can I help? Are you coming to any Summer PD sessions Wednesday or Thursday? I’m going to be at Stony Point all day both days if you’d like to meet up. We can go to one of the computer rooms and work together on your blog. Even if you’re not coming to a Summer PD session, you can still swing by for a bit so we can work together.


      • I see it! Great job persevering! If you ever encounter any issues with your blog that you can’t overcome, don’t hesitate to contact me or Regina. We’re happy to problem solve with you.


  1. Hello Math Rocks Community! I just want to say that I so enjoyed our learning on Monday and Tuesday. One of the themes I have been seeing in the teacher-blogger community is about finding your tribe. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that but feel that after Monday and Tuesday, I may have found mine. Thanks for the opportunity! I have posted my goals for this school year. Please find them at: I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!



    • Shametria,

      We are so lucky to have your at WBE. Would love to have your share your knowledge at staff development. Good for you for trying to get ahead while you can. Would love to know what professional books you decide to read and why. Looking forward to a great year..



    • Hi Shametria!
      I too would like to read more as my Master’s studies are winding down and I have learned so much from my readings, research and course work. Do you have specific books in mind? If so, may I ask what they are please? If not, what books have you read in the past that you have found to be enlightening and life changing?
      Good luck on your goals!


    • Danielle,

      I have similar goals to you with regards to number sense and intentional talk. It is amazing how much learning and insight can happen through number sense activities. I really like your student goal for student exploration. I can’t wait to hear your progress throughout the year on these goals.


  2. Hi Math Friends! Thank you for allowing me to join your MathRocks challenge! I found my first blog to be emotionally bolstering! I am looking forward to reading your posts and learning with you! I also hope to chat with you on #elemmathchat. A community of like minded passionate educators is a force to love!


    • Okay, I don’t know how I managed to spell my own last name wrong, but there it is anyway. It probably has something to do with my eyes and a small screen/keypad on my phone! Lol!


  3. Okay wonderful people. I created my WordPress Blog page, but after looking at all of your beautiful pages I can see I need to make my site more visually appealing and interactive. I have messed with the settings/set up page, but try as I might, I cannot get a sidebar to appear or a ling to all about me. How in the heck did you get those things on your site? Thanks for your help. I want to make my page more usable because I would really like to be into this blog for a long time. I found the process to be very helpful and I hope my thoughts and experiences help others. Thanks in advance for your help!


    • I think it has to do with the theme you’ve chosen. Some themes include a sidebar and some don’t. Unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with themes to know if you can add a sidebar (or something similar) to a theme that doesn’t include one by default.

      If you really, really want one, then I suggest going back to the themes page and choosing one that has one. Then, after you have applied the theme, choose Customize. In there you can add widgets to the sidebar.

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  4. Although I am planning more than this one goal, this is where I’m starting. Thank you all in our Math Rocks community for being so open to trying new things and soaring with them. I’m new to this world, so I will need a lot of help from you all!! Brian is the master!!
    My goal for this year –
    Although I will have more to write about my goals, I’ve never really had one quite like this before.

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  5. I have my goals of growing and learning! It feels like I have truly committed myself to them since they are now part of the math blog world!

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    • I’m not familiar with the Share and Compare framework, but would love to hear more about it. I love that you want your students’ brains to hurt in a good way! That’s one of the things I love about math- the challenge and puzzle of it.


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